Are random length planks common with hardwood flooring?

Are random length planks common with hardwood flooring?

One of the latest wood flooring trends is a random length plank option. These choices are a great look, especially if you have specific decor schemes.

The more you know about this and other trends, the better flooring results you can have. So here are some facts about this one for your shopping pleasure.

What are random length planks?

As the name suggests, it means that planks come in random sizes. You'll see standard increments of one to seven feet and many between.

This look is perfect for decor schemes like rustic, colonial, and farmhouse visuals. Be sure to consider each look and how solid hardwood flooring can cater to your specific needs

What can you gain from random length planks?

The random pattern comes naturally to these materials and helps create the look you want. They are unique and offer a classic feel that can change an entire room.

Once you choose your stain and finish options, you'll see a look coming together. And they could also provide specific trends that will cater to any room.

The many benefits of hardwood flooring

No matter your chosen options, these floors offer a wealth of benefits. In addition, wood flooring provides lifespans that can exceed 100 years with care, so you may never have to replace these floors.

They're also durable and provide a more breathable air quality. So take the time to learn even more while you're with us.

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